Sexual Assault Policy

The University of New Mexico recognizes the harm caused by sexual assault and the need to educate the University community regarding this issue.

Find more resources related to Sexual Assault/Misconduct on our UNM-G LoboRespect webpage.

Drug and Alcohol Policy

The University of New Mexico-69传媒 Campus policy on illegal drugs and alcohol clearly states the standard for a Drug-Free, Alcohol-Free campus.

Recognizing the dangers of substance abuse in the work place, UNM-69传媒 uses alcohol and drug-free awareness programs to inform the community of issues and risks of substance abuse. Numerous counseling and treatment resources are also available, including:

This organization offers a free hot-line crisis counseling service available by telephone and on a walk-in basis (call first.)
Phone: (505) 277-3013.

- NCI Detoxification Center Information Line
Gives information on places where they can get treatment.
Phone: (505) 722-2177 (AA Hotline)

Phone: (505) 722-4818

Phone: (800) 509-9503

Weapons Policy

With very few exceptions, employees, students, and visitors are not permitted to possess weapons on any part of the campus. A weapon includes, but is not limited to: firearms, ammunition and other dangerous weapons, substances, or materials; and bombs, explosives, or incendiary devices.