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Our main motive to start  that provides the finest quality jewelry and single and pair loose gemstone at wholesale prices. We also provide high quality, handmade gemstone jewelry. You can Shop Online and make an appointment to visit our office. Our Online Shopping revolutionized the industry because it's making a possible for everyone to shop from their home. We specialize in rings, pendants, earrings, and bracelets featuring Tanzanite, Tanzanite Cabochon, Ruby Craving, and more gemstones. 

Direct from THE MINE

Each of our special gemstones is selected from
thousands of carats at the mouth of the mine


Unique, One-of-a-Kind jewelry handmade with
cherrypicked, top grade colored gemstones.


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December 5th, 2020
A Gemstone of a Generation Tanzanite

The Gemstone of a Generation According to a Tanzanian geologist, the unique circumstances that led to the formation...

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December 4th, 2020
what is Tanzanite rough ?

What is Tanzanite Rough? The rough stones of Tanzanite are unremarkable in appearance. The mineral zoisite occurs...

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December 3rd, 2020
what is Tanzanite & what is it used for ?

What is Tanzanite? Tanzanite was first discovered in the 1960s and the famous jewelry form of Tiffany & Co named...

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