A Gemstone of a Generation Tanzanite

The Gemstone of a Generation

According to a Tanzanian geologist, the unique circumstances that led to the formation of Tanzanite over 580 million years ago are extremely unlikely to have been replicated anywhere else on Earth. This fact makes Tanzanite over 1000 times rarer than diamonds. The same geologist suggests that the available supply of Tanzanite will most likely be depleted within the next 25 years. The current generation therefore will be the last one able to buy stones from the primary market before the supply of Tanzanite is exhausted.

Tanzanite is the only stone in the world that is considered rival to higher precious gemstones such as diamondssapphiresemeralds, and rubies.

It is so precious that it was the only gemstone used in the hit movie Titanic rather than all the higher precious gemstone diamondssapphiresemeralds, and rubies.


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