what is Tanzanite rough ?

Posted on December 4th, 2020 06:24 PM

What is Tanzanite Rough?

The rough stones of Tanzanite are unremarkable in appearance. The mineral zoisite occurs naturally in a wide range of colors and the name Tanzanite is applied to the variety which ranges from blue to deeper shades of bluish-purple and indigo.

In its rough state, it is not always possible to see the color that will eventually emerge after the rock has been heated. The blue color of Tanzanite is the result of small amounts of vanadium within the mineral’s crystalline structure. Heating the rough stones improves the color of the naturally blue specimens. The application of heat can also convert some of the naturally brown or green varieties into the iridescent blue zoisite so prized by lovers of this gem.

Tanzanite in its rough state is often sold fairly cheaply. Small chips of the rough crystal can be made into crystal bracelets or other items of jewelry.  

Tanzanite can be used in various jewelry items it can be used by any person for a jewelry gift for her or for personnel use.

there are various uses for tanzanite stone such as  to put it in It is in tanzanite bracelets, tanzanite necklaces, and tanzanite earrings


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