Natural Tanzanite rough gemmy rough for use in jewelry & in raw gemstone jewelry

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Natural Tanzanite rough gemmy rough for use in jewelry & in raw gemstone jewelry


If you want to achieve a crystal in order to help you stop overthinking, worrying, or releasing some emotional traumas or issues, Tanzanite is the perfect stone, generating energy and happiness, helping solve some questions you may have in your life, and connecting with your inner self deeper. It connects the heart with the upper chakras, in this way you will be able to speak your truth easily, without having the feeling of judgment or shame; this crystal is perfect for spiritual awakening, release pressure from the body and mind, connect with your spirit and help you to meditate deeper.

The physical effects of this stone are very powerful, strengthening the immune system, improving vitality and cleaning the blood, regenerating the cells, hair, and skin; it also protects you from the side-effects of medical or surgical intervention. Help you calm down, relieving the stress, tension, migraine headaches, and also is perfect for people with excessive sweating or chronic alcoholism


Stone Type: Tanzanite 

Shape: Rough shape

Avg. Weight (Gram): 5gram

Measurements (mm): 25mm x 10mm

Primary Colour:

Clarity: Grade 1

Origin: Tanzania 

Cut: Rough Natural gemstone

Lab: Certification Available

Lot Type: Single Stone

Quantity: 1

Total Price -65USD Whole piece

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