Tanzanite Drop Dangle Earring, Bezel Set Blue Gemstone Earring, Gold Long Anniversary Earring

SKU: GGER022105
US $ 377.83


This beautiful pair of bezel-set Tanzanite drop dangle earrings will add charm to your personality. Available in your choice of 10k, 14k or 18k gold in white, yellow or rose.


A bezel-set dazzling round-shaped Tanzanite is beautifully crafted in drop dangle setting. This pair of beautiful earrings is crafted in 18k solid gold that adds to the overall beauty. 



SKU: GGER022105

Stone Type: Tanzanite

Shape: Round shape

Avg. Weight in 18K (Gram): 2.8 gram

Measurements (mm): 4 MM

Primary Color:    Blue

Clarity:  Grade 1

Origin:   Tanzania

Lab: Certification Available

Quantity: 1




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Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars based on 4 reviews


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"Great product in this price"

by Amanda Heaney on 01-Nov-2021
Can't believe myself that I have bought real Tanzanite earring at this unbelievable price.

"Beautiful design, a must to have item"

by Meghan Donnelly on 01-Nov-2021
After reading the reviews, I decided to go with this. They are really gorgeous with a beautiful packaging.

"Wow such a great deal"

by Hannah Tucker on 01-Nov-2021
Stunning earrings! Lightweight and well-designed. This is better than other sites who are selling them for higher price

"Very Pretty, Fantastic product"

by Shanon on 01-Nov-2021
The earrings are just wow. However, the package might have been more appealing. The tassels were entangled. I had to carefully straighten them out. Overall, a fantastic product.


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