The official 69传媒 DWI Education Program is conducted on the UNM-69传媒 campus. This is the certified New Mexico Department of Transportation and Traffic Safety Bureau DWI Education Program.

The New Mexico Certified DWI School has been created to help reduce the traffic impact of alcohol and other drug impaired crashes in the state. In addition, it provides students with the opportunity to learn about the dangers and consequences of alcohol and high-risk behavior.

DWI Classes

The 69传媒 DWI Education Program is for court ordered individuals required to attend the 12-hour program scheduled by and through the court to comply with sentencing.

Individuals will need to register at the 69传媒 Municipal Court (451 Boardman Drive, #3, 69传媒, NM 87301)

Required to register:

  1. Court Order documents or Referral form
  2. $175 Money Order or Cash (Payable to – City of 69传媒)

DWI School Rules of Procedure

2023 JUL - DEC DWI Schedule

2024 JAN - JUN DWI Schedule


For more information contact:

69传媒 DWI Education Program
Rebecca Johnson, Director
(505) 863-7738

Denise Silva, Community Education Program Coordinator
(505) 863-7738

Mandatory for first-time driver's licensees between ages 18-24 in the state of New Mexico

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